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   TAM United


Creating opportunities: because Together, we Achieve More

About Us

TAM United is a charitable foundation formed in order to enhance and expand services to Northeast Washington. This includes direct social services and supports to clients, employment opportunities for those who experience employment impairments whether social, medical or psychological, and service to the communities where we live. We work with eTrouvaille, an online thrift market and their affiliate, NEW Priority Services as well as several local independent local businesses to achieve these goals.

Our Administrative Team

Partners in these new adventures . . .

Terrie Robinson Cryfynduw

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

I grew up here in the Inland Empire. When I was a child, we were very poor, but my father taught me to look at every obstacle as a challenge, an adventure, an opportunity for creativity.  We needed to plant but had no plow. We went to the local dump and found a broken blade, some galvanized pipe, and an old wheel. He put them all together, and that is how we broke ground: me standing on the pipe that held the blade, my dad pushing, and sometimes mom pulling as well. In the end, we had a lovely garden that provided food, which we canned for the winter. When we needed food and shelter for the animals Dad found an old crosscut saw (handle on each end), and we cut trees to build a barn and hen house. He found a scythe, and taught me to cut and shock grass hay.  He did not believe in making do. He’d tell me, ‘We don’t make do. We make GOOD!’

     I had many adventures along the way. God has always found a way to turn my straw into gold. When things look bad, good somehow comes from it.  In fear for our lives, my daughter’and I fled to Missouri. I missed the mountains sorely, but I got a full-ride scholarship through my bachelor’s program then found a job that helped me get my master’s degree. I had children along the way but finished both programs Summa Cum Laude. When the house flooded and then caught fire, the insurance covered the supplies but not the labor. My kids and I, with some help from friends, remodeled the entire thing. I became a foster parent and later adopted some of my children. Now I have 12 children, some by birth or, adoption, some by heart.

    Three times death knocked at my door. The doctors told my children, ‘It’s time to say goodbye.’ Yet, every time, God has said, ‘Not yet.’ When they told me I’d spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, God said ‘Not yet.’ When I thought I had nothing left to give, I sold my home to family and  God  brought me home to my grandmother’s farm in the Pacific Northwest and dropped a store in my lap. I only meant to help my young friend. However, she encountered some adventures in her own life path , and could not continue. With a lease and contractual agreements still in place, it was time to run the store or file bankruptcy! Little did I know how much I would love this new adventure and the chance to be useful again. Now, we need to make some changes. Instead of giving up,  I can hear God saying, ‘Not yet!’ I am excited to see our service expanding in new directions!

Megan Robinson

Partner & Chief of Social Services

Megan, Terrie's daughter, began assisting with online sales when COVID began, then became a full-fledged partner in the Spring of 2020. Megan is our Chief of Social Services. She has a Bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Health and finishes her Masters degree in July. She works for Northwest Autism Center,  while taking classes and raising two children, two dogs and a cat. The children are  home schooled and have also helped  out at the store, learning  computer skills, how to count change and much more. Look for Nayali 's photography and Gideon's art in our sites. Megan plays a keyrole in the development of the  501(c)3 and direct client services.

Watch here for more about Megan!

Amanda Robinson

Partner & Chief of  Logistics

Amanda, Terrie's daughter,  began assisting with the store whenever she was in town back in 2018. She is a history buff and loves researching our more unique and obscure finds. She began to contribute financailly, then became a full-fledged partner in the Spring of 2020. Amanda  is our Chief of Research & Logistics. She has an Associates degree in Business from Missouri Southern State University.  She works remotely for  CFI Trucking out of Joplin, MO where she performs all sorts of tasks from customer and driver support to brokering, planning and dispatching loads.  Her logistics experience will be a big help in making sure our customers get the things they need whether near or far.  

Watch here for more about Mandi!

Ross Cooper aka "Coop"

Partner & Chief NEW Priority Services

Ross, better known as Coop, is the newest member or our administrative team. 

Watch here for more about Coop!


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